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 We support next generation technology development and management on requests from partner companies. We cannot make them public, but there are some open activities we can show you as example. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


【Services for customers】
➢Development of photoresists
 We develop and provide customized photoresists to companies and educational institutions. We can offer resists
 ✓for precise musk where conventional resists are not applicable
 ✓with greater photolithography performance than conventional resists
 ✓can be small quantity production


Our R&D center (South Kumamoto)


➢Analysis of display device (such as smartphone)
 We conduct reverse engineering of commercially available display devise on your requests. Using our knowledge acquired for a long time in FPD industry, we suggest contents of analysis such as pattern design and layer components that match to your request.


Example of analysis of display device

(Equivalent circuit analysis)



➢Optical Technology
 Optical industry has been growing and the importance of optical technology increases even more. However, as optical technology has been developed mainly inside optical manufacturers, it is said that to approach and to acquire the technology is difficult. Our optical engineers have experiences in research and development in camera, telescope, projector, industrial instruments etc. in major optical manufacturers for many years. We can provide you optical design and development support in various fields


Examples of our service
✓Optical design
 We support optical designs in a wide range of areas including camera lens, telescope, projectors, industrial instruments, and medical instruments.


✓Optical system design and examination
 In optical instrument development, not only the optical design, but also we need to consider the whole instrument including optics as one system to make plan proposal and to set specifications. Also, it is important for raising product value to utilize various optical elements and process technology and also to improve efficiency percentage by using the evaluation technology such as error analysis. We can support optical instrument development from start-up with plenty of experience and knowledge on optical technology acquired in wide range of industrial fields.


✓Consulting on optical technology
 Our knowledge is acquired from long term experiences and continuous research on optical technology. We offer exact total solutions for your various problems related to optical technology.




Please contact us from our website. Our personnel will reply according to your requests.





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