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 The words such as AI, IoT, 5G communications and autonomous cars are often heard in the technology field, but these technologies seems to have power that can change our daily life style. Accordingly, we can expect new technologies and industries to be born. Many companies are watching what kind of business chances to come and considering these themes as bones of their business strategies.



 FSCE is a venture business company established in 2013 and it will have been 7 years since then. We have been working for development of FPD industry through “consulting” and “engineering” that are the origins of our company’s name. The FPD industry relates to products that are close to our daily life and we will continue to work for the industry. On the other hand, as I mention in the beginning, the evolution of technology would give a large influence on our business. Competition for the leadership in new technology fields such as autonomous driving or IoT using AI and 5G communications technology has been heating up. So far, we can not say that the FPD industry is in the center of the competition, but the industry should be able to receive most demand and benefit resulted from the development.
 In the case of our company, we have been working mainly in the limited field, FPD photomask. From the photolithography point of view, which is our base technology, it seems to me that the future market will have two highly controlled underlying technologies: mask prepared by direct writing and mask exposure technology using the same. We may say that direct writing is digital and mask exposure is analogue. The industry has been analogue oriented, but the importance of digital technology increases because of the development and new requirements from the technologies such as autonomous driving. Digital technologies seem to be inseparable and work together with analogue technologies in FPD. In this business year, we will embody its possibility and create business plans. Recently the number of our “engineering” related projects is increasing compared to that of “consulting” related. Such projects are usually open innovations type projects that requires cooperation from various companies. To accelerate the developments, we add the words B. I. “business integrating”, we would like to extend our business by effective development to create new market.
 We would like to increase the opportunities to talk to you even more and we will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.



Makoto Murai





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